Apartment H

Apartment H designed by Re-act Now Studio is located within a block of apartments in Constanta on the Black Sea coast. Their first intention was to create an open space wwith a distinct beach-side feel.. The interior has a predominantly white glass partition that separates the living room , the bathroom and bedroom. Colored film has been stuck onto the glass to add a funky touch of coulour in the apartment.

Re-act Now Studio says;
Into a white space with floating objects all around, a spectral THING took place inside.
Reflections, transparencies, colors are changing continuously as far you are moving.
The THING is controlling everything around.
A twister of feelings and sensations is taking us apart.
Perhaps the THING is trying to communicate.
That is why we have to take care what we are saying…
Who knows perhaps IT is HUMAN after all!…
The apartment is located in a block of flats in Constanta, directly on the Romanian seacoast of the Black Sea.
It was the priming intention of having a beautiful open space with a continuous “sea coast feeling”.
The white color is almost everywhere.
A glass partition cut out the main sensation of “innocence” of the existing space, through its folding trace and through a special spectral film sticked directly on it.
The 3M Radiant Color Film product is usually supposed to be used on some small gadgets or promotional products. This 3M film gives through its optical properties a “real life” to the entire space.
A continuous change of colors and reflections is perceived by whoever is moving inside the apartment.
In the end having a “living” element is the main challenge on a white surrounding.

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