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Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies have indeed inspired many auto enthusiasts and designers to come up with spectecular designs of cars that closely resemble the furious Batmobile, such as the Kinetia LMX.

Designer Sasank Gopinathan from India took inspiration from the legendry Batmobile, Le-Mans race and Peugeot 908 to design his curvaceous Kinetia LMX.

The car is stuffed with special, lightweight materials to keep the weight to minimum for acheiving maximum speed. Although the vehicle features a design of sports cars, Kinetia LMX can be driven on the road like a normal car. To maintain a balance with Kinetia LMX’s attractive design, designer Sasank Gopinathan has added few additional features to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Check some images of the spectecular Kinetia LMX in the featured gallery

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