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Show your love for Japanese food by moving into the ultra-hip California Roll House. The sushi-inspired abode is the delicious work of architect Christopher Daniel. Created with the harsh climate of the desert in mind, this curvaceous house is loaded with the latest technological features designed to keep the house’s occupants comfortable.

The outside of this tasty structure is made of an energy-efficient material that deflects sunlight. The transparency of the dwelling’s large windows can be altered to allow less light in during the heat of the day, and increased to catch the last rays of the setting sun. The home’s micro-climate keeps the temperature indoors nominal as the temperature fluctuates. The house can also be easily packed up and moved, so if the desert dwelling is just a passing fancy you can always up and move.

The California Roll House is still a concept, but the shocking beauty and intelligence of its design is sure to garner the attention it deserves

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