Cay Sofa

If you ever found yourself constantly changing positions to adapt to the shape of your sofa, you need to get the Cay Sofa designed by Alexander Rehn. By accommodating and shifting its form according to where and how you sit or lie down, this adaptable piece of furniture will make your resting time more relaxing.

The Cay Sofa’s magic lies in the way Rehn assembled it. Its geometrical shapes provide the right angles to support each part of the body and adjust to the contour and position of each person. In addition, this couch allows the user to discover new comfortable positions thanks to its unique design.

Overall, the Cay Sofa makes for a particularly futuristic piece of furniture, as it resembles anything but your dreamed comfy leather sofa. With innovative furniture such this, fighting couples won’t have to argue about who gets to sleep in the bed

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