Dual Cut by Kitmen Keung

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What can you get by slicing a cube into two separate asymmetrical parts? Designer Kitmen Keung did this simple experiment and the result couldn’t be more practical. Dual Cut is an interesting furniture piece consisting of a lounge chair and ottoman which can be merged together to form a third furniture piece (a desk or a table). Here is more from the official designer’s description: “Splitting a raw rectangular foam block with only two L-shaped cut lines, the Dual Cut Chair and ottoman employs the simplest production processes true to the materials in use with minimal wastage. It features two ergonomically comfortable seat back angle options of 6° and 23°, and the multi-formation ability to form a one seater with a side table, a chaise lounge or a corner table.It also easily forms a neat, compact parcel for convenient storage and transportation“. Find it practical? [Photography by S.Zine]

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