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A new British car company in the mold of previous greats such as Jaguar and Bentley has released one image of its new model, set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Eterniti Motors, which describes itself as an ‘independent, boutique British luxury carmaker,’ said September 5 that its first model would be the world’s ‘first super-SUV,’ releasing the first image of the roof.

The Eterniti Hemera is said to feature a ‘limousine-like rear cabin’, complete with reclining seats, iPads and a drinks chiller, making it suitable for chauffeur driving.

On the outside, the 4×4 Hemera is compact, based on the same platform as the Porsche Cayenne but with modifications including carbon-composite body panels.

Like buyers of vehicles from other luxury automakers such as Bentley, Eterniti’s customers will be able to visit a showroom to create a bespoke specification for their vehicles, adding a touch of personalization.

The vehicles will then be built on site at the firm’s London factory, which will open later this year with other international outposts set to open in 2012.

The prototype will be officially unveiled September 13, during the first press events of the Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs September 15-25.

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