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Cult classic lovers from around the world will certainly get a kick out of the Ford Mad Max concept cars. Designed to promote the new sequel, ‘Fury Road,’ it is definitely a modern take on the original 1973 Ford XB Falcon. Of course, today’s Interceptor would need to step up to such futuristic cars as the director Christopher Nolan’s modernized Batmobile and the ‘TRON: Legacy’ Light Cycles and Light Runners.

Low and mean-looking, the Ford Mad Max concept cars have appeared at the Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne as clay models so that showgoers could vote which one should make it to the final. As part of a Ford promotion with motoring magazine TopGear Australia, the chosen Ford Mad Max won’t make it into the new film, but the two finalists Nima Nourian and Simon Brook will certainly garner a lot of attention in the meantime.

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