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MGX collaborated with Renault to create a hybrid technology, aerodynamic efficiency, eco-friendly, high-end futuristic car which was on display in Milan at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

If you are looking for absolute comfort, ultra-modern design and pure elegance The Ondelios is the car for you. They’ve created a near-perfect visual and nature-inspired environment to experience a one of the kind driving experience. The interiors come to life with the usage of natural lighting and the exterior is clearly inspired by the wind movement. Everything in the car is high tech. The car fits six passengers, luggage, drives 80 miles an hour and burns 1 gallon of fuel per 62 miles.

“Our design has been led by efficiency, simplicity, fluidity, and our wish to create new forms for a new breed of car,” says Stephane Janin, Director, Concept Cars, Renault.

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