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There is so much going on with the Gemini concept car that it is hard to keep track. Gemini is a futuristic pod car designed for travel in urban areas, specifically Singapore. Gemini is designed to be used for driving, shopping and entertainment and was designed by Florian Abendschein, Paul Bart, Marvin Bratke, Simon Rauchbart and Daniel Tudman.

The Gemini concept car’s main component is its two-person pod. In the two-person pod mode, the car is shaped like a tricycle and powered by the two wheels in the front. The rear electric wheel can be detached from the Gemini and used as a portable shopping cart or entertainment center. Perhaps the most awesome feature of the Gemini is that two units can combine to form a larger vehicle. In the four-person setting, only the driver is facing forward, with the three passengers facing each other to make travel more intimate and conversation easier.

The Gemini concept car is an ambitious automobile to say the least. There’s a good chance that the Gemini will remain a concept for some time. Even though you won’t be able to see the Gemini on the road, you can see conceptual images of it here.

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