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The search engine giant is foraying into the land of retail and has opened its first pop-up store—Google Chrome Zone—in London.

Earlier this year Google announced its collaboration with Samsung and Acer to launch Chromebooks, a computer that has no programs and runs on Internet apps only. So, Google is using the Google Chrome Zone to give tech-lovers the opportunity to explore its Chromebooks, in particular the Samsung Chromebook Series 5. According to Popsop, this line is optimized for web searching and gets better over time with automatic software updates.

Located in The Currys and PC World superstore on London’s Tottenham Court Road, the Google Chrome Zone may be the first of the search engine’s retail endeavors, but it won’t be the last. Google plans to open another store this month as well as more shops across the globe in the near future

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  1. [...] I use several browsers. IE8, Firefox 3, Opera 11, and Chrome. Each is good at something. (Except may…Updater is a nightmare. “NO – I DO NOT WANT ITUNES”…  ) IE8 appears to be good at most things. Unfortunately, I don't get on with it. I’m forced to use it eBay UK “Print Postage Online”, as that application doesn’t work with anything else. Bad programming.  I used Opera simply because it was the only one that ran on my crappy home internet connection at a reasonable speed. My new, 24 Meg Broadband / Wireless connection makes this irrelevant. Opera does have some interesting and useful features though. "Speed Dial" for a start, synchronisation for another. Chrome (now) does something similar to “Speed Dial”, and is capable of Synchronising EVERYTHING via my Google account. However,Opera does weird things. There are sites I can't access properly, or at all, because Opera can't handle authentication properly. I can't login to some of my WordPress Sites' admin areas, because it screws up the passwords.. So I moved to Chrome. Everything was Rosy in the garden. I moved to an Android phone as well (HTC Wildfire – I should have held out for a Desire, but I got a good deal  ) which also ties into my Google Account. I’m a big Google user – GMAIL, Analytics, Adsense, Webmaster tools, etc.. Just when I had started to appreciate this synchronised Utopia, I got "Flash Plugin has crashed" every time I accessed my sites. Re-installing the plugin made no difference. Aaargh! Disaster.. So I wandered off and made the best of it, using Firefox. Sigh. It wasn't the same. It somehow feels “clunky”. Although I found a good set of website analysis tools that ran from the Firefox Toolbar. Very Useful. Anyway, there I was. Stuck. Then I had a brainwave. I realised that I’d never actually installed Flash on Google Chrome, and yet it had always been there. Therefore, it must come as part of the Chrome Installation. I removed Chrome completely, and then re-installed that. Jackpot! No Crash..  I then re-enabled synchronisation, and all my settings were back. Woohooo! Try it! Oh, and I did a bit of detective work. The "Flash Crash" started happening immediately after I installed Microsoft Silverlight, in order to use Bing Webmaster Tools. Now, I can't PROVE that Silverlight wrecked Chrome, but you have to admit, it's a HELL of a coincidence. [...]