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Seems like Honda is putting all their efforts to impress the auto world with a new hybrid vehicle! As you already know, earlier hybrid vehicles from the company stables – like Insight and the CR-Z – have failed to reach up to expected levels. The next version of the stylish car Acura NSX might be the new hybrid automobile from the Honda stables.

We hear the next model of Acura NSX will be an all wheel drive car that works on gas and electric power. It is believed that the hybrid sedan comes under the 400 horsepower class of cars.

It is expected to be designed according to the Acura Advanced Sports Car concept. Also, it might be equipped with the latest high tech gadgetry.

We know you might be worried about the previous hybrid Honda cars. Don’t get disappointed as yet. The new Acura NSX is not only a hybrid car, but a plug-in hybrid supported by a lithium battery pack. The battery pack will power the twin electric motors when the gas is exhausted.

The car is believed to be launched by 2014 and might be priced less than $100,000. What do you think? Will the new Acura NSX change the image of hybrid cars for Honda?

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