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Grand Canyon Table Intriguing Grand Canyon Table by Amit Apel Design Featuring a decorative crack adorning half the table, from one corner deep into the center, the Grand Canyon Table captures an organic shape into a well-designed piece of modern furniture. Amit Apel Design , the creators of this wonderfully different table, offer residential and interior design and planning services from a boutique, custom design firm based in Woodland Hills, California. This particular project depends on a visual recognition of the shape of a canyon, but dilutes the sharp edges and rough composition into a contemporary presentation of a natural element. Its main splitting design line resembles a river that gently undulates and even the legs have a semi-circle design that integrates them in the overall modern look. Taking a chance on creating a table that acts as a focal point in the room, Amit Apel Design came up with a table design that is both modern and intriguing, creating a reason for admiration and its wood/glass duality can even become the starting point of a conversation

Amit Apel Design

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