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When it comes to relaxing, you need a good seat that lets you slouch complete with a TV right in front of you—enter the IPE Cavalli Chaise Lounge.

One glance at the IPE Cavalli Chaise Lounge and you know it’s a spot you want to be in after a hard day’s work. This beautiful relaxer features a seat with an aerodynamic flow that will let you sit in comfort. It’s made with polar wood with a stainless steel finish on the armrests for that slick modern look. If that’s not enough, there’s also a 23-inch LCD monitor that hangs right in front of you so that you have the best view of the TV at all times. According to Bornrich, it’s also “well equipped with passing in the tube for the antenna cables, S-Video, audio output and S-VGA.” This is definitely the way to relax.

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