Kia’s Soul EV to Cost $35,000; to Arrive by Early 2014

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Kia has officially announced that it will launch a battery-powered EV that will hit the market sometime in 2014. Meanwhile, we also hear that its companion-cum-rival Hyundai is busy working on a hydrogen fuel cell car.

Kia’s previous model called Ray EV was a limited production vehicle that targeted fleet buyers in Korea. The follow-up is the electrified Soul.

In a scenario where electric cars are fast becoming imperative, Kia seems to have understood the anxiety of customers and unveiled what they have in store in the new EV.

Kia World says this new mass produced variant will be due in the early part of 2014 priced at around $35,000.

The company claims that it would be sold in the global market, which includes the US, Europe and China.

Performance wise, the Soul EV is estimated to come with a range of about 120 miles and peaks up to 87 miles per hour. The acceleration from 0-60 under 12 seconds beats that of Ray EV by 4 seconds.

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