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The Remote Control Wand brings a touch of whimsy to your usual channel flipping. Just because you’ve given up on receiving that coveted invitation to Hogwarts, doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a normal muggle way of life. Even mere mortals can now wield the power to turn on the tube with just a lazy wave of a very special wand.

Designed by Kymera, the Remote Control Wand responds to your commands through motion-sensitive sensors. The device is devoid of buttons and is capable of performing 13 feats of magical, picture-altering functions that is programmed from your existing remotes. The Remote Control Wand is able to operate almost any TV, DVD, digital boxes and just about anything that requires interaction with an infrared remote control.

The Remote Control Wand arrives in style. Enveloped in a dramatic red-silk brocade-lined gift box, the wand will have your friends guessing whether or not you’re an actual magician, or just a big tech geek. Bring a touch of magic to any blockbuster night with the Remote Control Wand.

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