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This mind-bending Mercedes-Benz SF 1 concept is the handiwork of Steel Drake. The undeniably sexy design has generated quite a buzz on the Internet, and with one look at this beauty you’re sure to see why. The sharp but sleek angles of this classy concept will have gear heads everywhere swooning.

The vibrant and simplistic lights give this vehicle a futuristic quality that may have you thinking of Tron. Petite and peppy, this car may not boast a lot of leg room but it’s irresistible design makes the Mercedes-Benz SF 1 concept an object of lust. Steel Drake has truly outdone himself with this stunner, and if this car went into production you can bet your bottom dollar it would turn more than a few heads as it smoothly sails by.

Sleek and edgy, the Mercedes-Benz SF 1 concept commands attention.

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