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Spanish Architect Hector Ruiz Velazquez transforms “mundane” materials into sleekly curved interiors. In his latest creation “Living Nature,” currently on display at Habitat Valencia in Valencia, Spain, Velazquez explores how space and light interact through the arrangement of recycled cardboard boxes. This massive cardboard structure is large enough for visitors to walk through, and it allows viewers to fully experience the beauty of his “outside-the-box” approach

The flowing form of this cardboard pavilion transforms the boxes into bricks, and their coiled arrangement frames four separate dioramas, each celebrating different lifestyles in Spain. Centered in the pavilion is a pool with running water, which pays tribute to the sweeping flow of the structure while creating a social area.

Not only does Velazquez use recycled materials, but he also has allowed for the flow of the pavilion to adapt to future exhibitions. The entire structure can be disassembled and reassembled for other fairs or events, with the possibility of adjusting its shape or size to suit different spaces.

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