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From the promise of a white trash, gangland style brawl that delights in showcasing mullet after mullet, to obnoxious plot twists that include heavy weaponry and zombies, I’m completely on board. The problem, if there is one, with trying to say why a trailer like this works for me is that I don’t know what the hell they’re saying. I have no clue what is being spoken and I am treating this as if I were watching a Buster Keaton film before there were talkies. While there is none of the nuance of Keaton’s brilliance, there are, however, double weapon discharges, ninja stars, lots of pratfalls, and male nudity.

Sometimes it’s the small things that get to me and, here, it’s a sense that there is more than few laughs that will be had at the expense of these merry band of idiots. The friends here absolutely have something in common with the boys of Fubar and that ought to elevate this over any comedy you sample when it comes out for no other reason than if you see a guy strip down to nothing in order to take on a zombie invasion with just his raw knuckles you know it’s playing for keeps.

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