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My desire to own an iPhone has increased tenfold after seeing the O’Car iPhone dock, a head unit designed specifically for the iPhone. The O’Car takes listening to music from your iPhone in the car to the next level with its innovative apps and features.

The O’Car iPhone dock cradles your phone in place and allows you to use it in either landscape or portrait mode. O’Car comes with two apps, one for the radio and one for the sound. The radio app lets you use your iPhone as a touchable tuner. Stations can be selected from and saved to the app. The sound app is perhaps the most interesting: From the sound app, you can control the levels of your car’s fader, treble, bass, midrange, subwoofer and balance.

The O’Car iPhone dock also features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless calling and the dock swivels. The dock comes in two versions, with one version catering to third-generation iPhones and the other to fourth-gen models. You can see the O’Car iPhone dock in action in the video here.

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