Polymer Vision Revives, Shows Readius-Inspired Folding Phone

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Polymer Vision returned from nearly going defunct on Friday and showed a concept for the spiritual successor to its short-lived Readius.

The new device would embrace the folding display technology but apply it to a phone with a color screen. Along with a clamshell shape that would hide a tablet-sized screen, it would even have a second option to expand to a larger size, Digital Reader heard.

Virtually all of the other details are a mystery, including what operating system it would use and what features it would have beyond the screen. A hardware number pad and at least one camera was is visible in the render. Launch information is equally unknown.

The company has had a turbulent history. A former division inside Philips, it promised the original Readius in 2008 as a fold-out e-paper device that could fit in a pocket but unfold to give a roughly Kindle-sized e-reader with 3G for basic Internet access. It was virtually ready to launch in 2009 but was bankrupted when an investor lost funds in a Ponzi scam. Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron bought it out and helped continued development.

In spite of the silence, Polymer Vision reportedly sent out periodic updates confirming that it was still working.

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