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Andrea Mangano has designed a futuristic skateboard in conjunction with Italian automobile manufacturer Alfa Romeo that is all about speed and style. The Raptor concept skateboard has the design of a mountain board and the sleek styling and bright red coloring of an Alfa Romeo sports car.

Even if you’ve never seen an Alfa Romeo before, you can still see the Alfa influence simply by looking at the nose of the Raptor and checking out the affixed Alfa Romeo badge. Although this board is undeniably beautiful, it is much more than a showpiece. The lightweight design of the deck coupled with the foot-straps and raised and enlarged wheels suggest that this board is meant for going down hills at high speeds. I would not be surprised if automobile-branded skateboards became the next big thing as automaker-branded bikes and scooters have been stealing the show at auto shows across the world in 2011. It could be only a matter of time before you are trying to kickflip using a GM-branded board.

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