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It is absolutely a drastic make over for a former Renault Factory. The car maker’s facility in the northern French city of Boulogne has transformed itself onto a school; that too a green-roofed one. The ‘green’ element attributed to it is not at all a mere facade. The factory space has well been re-designed facilitating a natural habitat for different flora and fauna. Besides, promoting the re-growth of native flora, the ‘green school’ is expected to be an abode of many a local fauna including birds, bats etc.

The environment filled with green is intended to evoke the hidden imaginative faculties of the young minds. Obviously, they will be interested in hearing chirping of birds better than being locked up in a classroom!

Strikingly, the building features a green roof that slopes down to school’s every level and proves to be an awesome example of urban redevelopment projects witnessed recently. Harmoniously incorporating studies with play seems to be the most effective method of teaching the kids, right? Perhaps the ‘green school’ has realized this fact!

Even while keeping the classroom environs inside, great care has been taken to ensure a gentle transition between play and study surface.

The motto of making vast availability of green space is not just for the children to play and have fun. Besides creating a healthy environment amidst the polluted urban air, it helps posterity to experience an ecosystem as it is.

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