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Zoos are places of life and learning, and as Russia’s oldest becomes cramped by its urban environment, the new Saint Petersburg Zoo will break free—just as the earth’s continents did from each other long ago.

The concept of the architectural project is the Pangea, the supercontinent that was once home to diverse species that were later separated from each other and allowed to evolve along divergent paths. Architects Françoise N’Thépé and Aldric Beckmann from Beckmann N’Thépé, and Jean Christophe Nani and Bruno Tanant from TN PLUS landscape design, have won a competition to create the new animal park. It will be built within a cluster of glass geodesic domes connected by a network of crystalline ice caps representing the arctic. The new Saint Petersburg Zoo will be home to biological bubbles that contain living proof of our planet’s history.

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