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A great way to soften the threshold between indoors and outdoors is to incorporate natural forms into the design of your front foyer. Snow Drop by Dan Henriksson is a stunning wall-mounted clothes hook system that mimics bleached Asahikawa trees in the winter.

Fixed along a crooked central spine, the piece is decorated with zigzaging offshoots that provide an abundance of pointed pegs on which jackets, scarves, hats and handbags can be conveniently hung. The handsome hanger is made from rigidly cut panels of wood and painted with a pure white finish. Small horizontal ledges act as braces between each bough and afford opportune places for keys and cellphones to perch.

The overall effect of Snow Drop by Dan Henriksson is one of fetching functionality, and the sculptural elegance that comes from the way it plays with light and shadow.

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