Sofa Iva

Seating objects have not changed a great deal in hundreds of years, but the Sofa Iva embodies an unconventional form that marks a distinctively different style of furniture design from anything else that has come previously.

Milos Jovanovic’s wacky concept was born from the suggestion to conceive his dream sofa as part of a Eurosalon competition last year. For such an assignment it is enticing to think entirely outside of the box so to produce something truly unique. Bringing the idea of a chesterfield back down to the basics of function, the creator went wild with a sculptural form that still satisfied the important criteria.

Sofa Iva offers bucket seats with full rounded backrests, all at a comfortable elevation above the floor. Sculpted smoothly of polyurethane, the lime green and white couch seems to form a sideways figure-eight which gives it a fun and futuristic appearance.

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