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Traditions must be challenged periodically and the 100 meter superyacht, Sovereign, from Gray Design has the daring and wit to be a serious contender. Designed for kings, queens and monarchs, the Sovereign’s strict lines and well appointed detailing place it in a class where only the best is tolerated.

Maintaining only three decks over the entire length of the yacht gives her an extremely low profile by current standards and the echoes of automotive design are deafening. Taking design cues from exclusive limousines and borrowing the style of chauffeur driven carriages give proportions that are both stately and sophisticated while at the same time having an athletic stance that hints at the rapid transitions she makes between marinas.

Technical Info

* Length:100 meters
* Beam:14 meters
* Draught:2.9 meters
* Water Capacity:7500 Liters
* Fuel Capacity:80000 Liters
* Engines:3 x MTU
* Speed:30 knots
* Interior Design:Gray Design
* Exterior Design:Gray Design
* Displacement:500 000 kg
* Year:2011


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