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Spiral Garden Museum is a sustainable structure that is an entry into the competition for the new Taipei city museum in Taiwan designed by Influx Studio, a Paris based architectural firm. The design of the building is very individualistic and attempts to incorporate a lot of the Taiwanese culture in order to make it rather iconic.

The basic structure of the building includes a spiraling walkway that is as tastefully artistic as it is in touch with nature, considering the greenery of the park surrounding the building. The corkscrew building has five floors, and the floor area increases as we ascend towards the top.

The building is centered on the basic idea of a walkway lining the facade of the museum enabling people to climb to the top by taking the spiraling path.
The cork-screw and spiral architectural plan of the museum comprises of a green continuous walkway along the circumference of the building leading to the rooftop.

This would provide the visitors a 360′ view of the beautiful landscape apart from experiencing the beauty of the museum from within. The spiral ramp that connects the museum from the base to the top, is set at an inclination of 4% and is a circular route that has incorporated the green elements of the adjoining natural environment.The Sky Art Terrace is where the spiral ramp stops and leads to a vertically-spread cultural exhibition open- air area. However, internally, the building is organized into segments that offer various exhibition spaces and pliable lamellas that allow the areas to be used in many different layouts.

Since, the design is eco friendly and sustainable in nature, the designer has made use of solar protection panels on the facade so as to keep the building at a comfortable temperature. Geothermal energy is also tapped to meet some of the electricity requirements of the structure. Apart from that the ramps are affixed with rainwater collectors and the roof-top has a rainwater harvesting mechanism in place too.

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