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After showing off the one-of-a-kind Necker Nymph, charismatic billionaire Richard Branson is prepared to let you play with a replica of his favorite toy, the Necker Belle.

In a nutshell, the Necker Belle is a sea plane… in that it flies through the water. If you’ve ever seen “The Spy Who Loved Me” or any other James Bond movie, the design should stir up your memory. Armed with a new type of propulsion engine, the sea plane is capable of travelling at 6 knots underwater and can remain submerged for over 2 hours. But you won’t be wearing a tuxedo while driving the Necker Belle—all three seats are exposed directly to the ocean water. Instead, you’ll be asked to wear a full SCUBA suit.

At $2,500 per day, renting the Necker Belle is hardly impossible. Just remember to wear your swankiest breathing apparatus because Richard Branson might be driving!

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