The Parkroyal Singapore by Woha Architects is Luxuriously Lush

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The Parkroyal Singapore adds a big dose of greenery to its urban setting by way of stunning balcony gardens that will take people’s breath away. That is because these gardens don’t involve a couple of potted plants and some relaxing furniture. Instead, they are more akin to lush jungles or rice terraces or, more accurately, a combination of the two. The Parkroyal Singapore’s gardens are self-sustaining with the use of a rainwater system.

Designed by Woha Architects, the Parkroyal Singapore may capture people’s attention at first with these striking tiers, but it will hold onto it with its otherwise modern design. Located in the heart of the city, it is sure to attract its fair share of foot traffic. Especially with its tall pillars and grand entrace.

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