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Tower of Power by NL Architects is an entry for the Taiwan Tower Competition. The 300-meter high freestanding tower with sightseeing and recreational functionsr incorporates 2000 flower-shaped wind turbines that generate about 8MW of renewable electric power. The striking tower hides wind turbines neatly within it to investigate how power plants of the future can be converted into objects of beauty.

Instead of being yet another ‘empty’ icon it actually is a usable tower. By simply combining the two typologies of windmill and observation tower, the Tower of Power in one single operation aspires to change the ‘content’ of the new generation of tourist towers and at the same time the appearance of future wind energy generators. With the Tower of Power in place, the tourists will have amazing views to marvel at in its distinctively shaped lobbies, office, parking lots, museums, conference centers, and the observatory tower.

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