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Even if you’re not a gear-head, you have to admit there’s something about the Yo-Auto Yo-Concept that is undeniably hot. The four-seater sedan is just one of the hybrid vehicles the little-known Russian auto company unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show earlier this week. Pegged as the future design of all subsequent Yo-Auto vehicles, the Yo-Concept is outfitted with the same gas-electric plug-in system that was previously seen on the Chevrolet Volt. Fortunately, its sleek detailing sets this formidable vehicle apart.

While there is nothing ground-breaking about producing a hybrid car, like the Yo-Auto Yo-Concept, in this day and age, the auto avoids a syphony of yawns with it jaw-dropping doors. These curved doors bring to mind the automobile of a mysterious superhero ready to whisk you away from certain danger. To gain access to the cabin, the doors simply unlock and slide back to allow the would-be passenger to enter. Once you see these doors in action you’ll understand why this peppy little number has auto-enthusiasts everywhere salivating.

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